Sharing a Meal

Sharing a meal is one of the most important things we do at Stories @ The Edge. First, it makes a statement about who we believe is welcome at the heavenly banquet (all people). Second, what starts out as a room full of uncomfortable strangers, becomes a table of connection, (you would be amazed at the power of “pass the salt!”). The shared meal at the beginning of the evening creates the atmosphere that supports the vulnerability and courage of Stories @ The Edge.

Are you interested in sharing your culinary talents with us? A couple of things you need to know:

  • You will have access to a large, shared, commercial kitchen half a block north of The Edge building.
  • We send a team over a few minutes before six to collect the food.
  • We cook for 40 and usually have 20-30 in attendance
  • We always serve family style: you can either cook in smaller, separate containers, (one for each of the 5 tables), or transfer the food from one large bowl to smaller bowls for each table. 
  • We are grateful for those that donate food (tax deductible donation) but we can also use our credit card for shopping or reimburse any expenses you may have.
  • Our budget is $200 per event, please do not exceed $300.
As a cook do I need to provide a gluten free option?
We highly encourage you to do two things: First, have a basic salad available, so those that can’t eat anything have something to eat. This usually means greens with two vegetables (for color). On the side, we encourage you to have cheese, croutons, and one unique item per table. We also encourage you to make gluten free options available for those that have need.

What does “one unique item per table” mean?

Each table will have a serving bowl that is divided into three sections. In one section: cheese. In another: croutons. In the third section, each table should have a different item (pickles, olives, peppers, bacon!…etc.) This encourages people to enter into conversations across the room (or raid the bacon table…however you want to look at it!)

Would you like to cook at Stories @ The Edge? Let us know what dates you are available to help (we will contact you to verify a date!